Anu Rusanen graduates soon as a medical doctor (MD). At the moment she works in a hospitalwhere she meets severely sick and dying patients. When there is a tight situation she turns to the Lord in prayer. She does see any problem with working as a MD and believing that God can heal. She has attended prayer evenings already long. She started to go there when she had a big crisis in her life. Immediately after prayer she felt the presence of the Lord and already during the next day she started to receive answers to her problems. Another time she had severe pain in her hip joints, which made moving difficult. She felt the presence of God when Pirkko Jalovaara put her hands on the hips. In a split of a second the power of God went through the joints and she was healed.

Arja Rantanen was not yet in faith when her lifestyle with a lot of alcohol and tobacco started to bother her. She was clearly dependent on both of these substances. Her idea about God was distant and demanding. Then she went to a prayer evening of Pirkko Jalovaara. Pirkko told that now you can come before God just as You are – weak or strong, feeling whatever you feel because God loves You. When I was prayed for in front of the altar I left all my life in the hands of God. There I left also my addictions, forever. 


Simo Kontunen has suffered in his life of various illnesses. Already during his first year he was very near to death due to diphtheria. His mother, father and aunt prayed, however, quite a lot and his life was saved. Through prayer he has been cured of abdominal disease, migraine, dangerous cardiac arrhythmias and hearing difficulties. Through one prayer the Holy Spirit filled him and has since stayed in his heart.

Reino Mustonen has had back problems since youth. 1987 he injured his back and had to be operated. There developed a wound infection, he lost his consciousness and was submitted to intensive care unit. There God gave him a possibility to go into heaven or return back. Reino decided to return back for the sake of his 6-year-old daughter. This experience renewed him spiritually. In Christmas 2011 his kidneys stopped functioning. He was admitted to hospital but the dialysis machine was broken for three weeks. When dialysis was finally started there happened a miracle: Reino’s own kidneys started functioning.

Ritva and Seppo Hirvonen have experienced something special as a couple. 1990 at the age of 42 Seppo was diagnosed to have a rare neurological disease which was incurable. He was working as a priest to which he had a deep calling. 2001 he had to stop working. November 2012 Seppo’s neurologist told that his disease was in the terminal phase. Ritva and Seppo decided to have what they called “confession of sins towards each other as a couple”. They asked each other forgiveness. A priest who was present gave them absolution and holy communion. Ritva recommends this to others. It removes many feelings of guilt that can bother after death of the loved one.

Jaana Soikkonen was diagnosed to have a thyroid cancer, which was operated. After operation there was pain and weakness in her lower extremities and soon the legs started lo loose also sense. She was subjected to enormous number of examinations and finally a cavity in her spinal cord was found. By then she was so week that she had to move around in wheelchair. Then she went to a prayer meeting of Pirkko Jalovaara. Pirkko demanded very strongly that she must stand up. And in fact, she could do it and after that to take some steps. Finally she left the church walking on her own feet and has not since then needed a wheel chair.


Paavo Makkonen had been two years in wheel chair because of paralysis of lower extremities. Once he was in the middle of the church when Pirkko came to him and   he told about the paralysis and asked for prayer. First Pirkko asked him to stand up and when Paavo could do that she urged him to walk. And indeed he could run and jump and do anything. The doctors who treated him had not seen this kind of healing before. To Paavo, however, it is not new. He experienced something like this 1975 in the meeting of Kathryn Kuhlman when his neck and skull injuries were healed, strength returned  to his  upper extremity and difficult pains disappeared.


Ester and Matti Ikävalko have been healed from accidents and illnesses. Once Matti fell when running and hit the hip on ground, which resulted in severe pain. Matti started to pray intensively and quite soon the pain was gone. There was a time when Ester’s eye sight became significantly worse. The doctor diagnosed degeneration of the bottom or back part of the eyes. A medical book revealed that this condition leads to total loss of vision within two years. When Ester really started to pray and appeal to God she suddenly realized dirty fingerprints in a mirror, which proved that her eyesight had become normal.


Helga Pehkonen had been smoking since teen ages. Even after being borne again she just could not stop. A crucial thing happened when her husband became a believer. They went church in the evening and next morning Helga realized that she had not smoked immediately after waking up as she used to do. God had done a miracle. At one time Helga suffered from severe headaches but they vanished after she had been prayed for by an intercessor. Once Helga was in Kathryn Kuhlmans meeting. There was a man who was severely cripled by MS. He was healed and went to testify to the stage. He told he had been a pianist but MS had prevented him from playing. There was a piano at the stage and miss Kuhlman asked the man to play and he could play fluently

Reino Vedenojalives in USA but was visiting his country of origin, Finland.. There he developed a dangerous bleeding inside the body.. It became symptomatic so that he felt nausea, terrible sweating and he could barely sit on a chair without falling down. Before he flew home a large amount of blood was dripped into him so that he would safely arrive at his home town. When he felt very ill he prayed that Jesus would help him and indeed he had a very pleasant experience which he felt came from the Lord. Once in the aeroplane heading towards home he had again that pleasant experience but this time his weaknessand other symptoms disappeared. God had healed him. He was not yet a believer, however, although he felt an inner longing for nearness of God. Afterwards in a Christian home meeting he received Jesus in his life.

Marja Kauppi was found to have a small tumor in the uterus, which was considered harmless. It was , however, removed for the sake of certainty. After two different, experienced pathologists had studied the samples they came to the conclusion that it was most propably cancer. So an operation was planned in which would be removed both uterus and surrounding lymphnodes. Before operation she was in Pirkko Jalovaara’s prayer meeting and she prayed for her. After surgery the gynecologist who had operated her told that he had found only a small benign tumour but now the uterus was being examined millimeter by millimeter. Finally she got the result of this: no cancer. Marja feels that the Lord wanted to stop her in the middle of busy daily life, where God is easily forgotten. The values of her life were put into new order


Marja Aarnio was a hairdresser and in this work she had damaged her back, neck and shoulders. She had received help from the local health center and a chiropractic. Twenty years ago she went for the first time to Pirkko Jalovaara’s prayer evening and the next day she felt completely healed. She wanted to document her healing and went to the health center for x-ray pictures. Her doctor was amazed because these were normal. In august 2010 her wrist was broken and had to be operated. In the operation a nerve was damaged but soon due to Pirkko’s prayer it was healed. In march 2011 her other wrist was broken and at same time the tendon of thumb was severed. She was operated but the operator said that he could make it only 50% healed. The hand was , however, completely healed. So god had done the other 50%. She feels that her illness and injuried have given her a rest she needed and also given something valuable about which to give testimony.

Eila Kyröläinen started to have attacks of headache ten years ago. A very severe pain came always out of the blue. Sometimes it lasted only for a while, sometimes it came many time a day. On the other hand there could be months without it. The doctors could not make a diagnosis and for this reason could not offer any medication that could really help. Then she went into a church where Pirkko Jalovaara was praying for sick and was deeply touched by prayer. After that the headache vanished and now she has been many years without it.

Anne Huhtala had suffered many years from airway symptoms caused by problems in the airconditioning in her working place. She had frequently bronchitis and even more serious problems in airways. She changed her working place but that did not help. 2009 she went to Pirkko Jalovaaras’s prayer meeting. When Pirkko prayed for her she felt like an oily substance had spread to her sinusis, throat and bronchioles inside the lungs. This caused her airway problems to disappear.

Ella Koskinen has experience often God’s help in her life. The hole, made by caries in her little boy’s mouth was healed in Pirkko Jalovaara’s prayer meeting. Her oldest son suffered from severe headaches but when she told Pirkko about these they disappeared. Her youngest son had difficulties in reading and writing which threatened his future. In Pirkko’s prayer evening she wrote this as one of her prayer requests and little by little these difficulties vanished and are no longer obstacles to studying. When she was pregnant with her youngest daughter the ultrasound revealed something tumor like in the child’s head. Altogether three doctors saw this. Then Pirkko prayed for it and in a check up nothing was any more found.

Kaisu Korhonen got parotitis as a young adult and got all possible complications: encephalitis (brain infection) as well as cardiac, pulmonary and pancreatic involvement. She had weeks 40 degrees fewer. Then somebody brought her s scarf which had been prayed for and during the next night her temperature had become normal. When she was 43 she was diagnosed to have a colon cancer but it was operated early enough before it had spread in the body. Her daughter had been married for five years without getting pregnant. She prayed very much with other women for this and soon her daughter got a baby.


Tuomas Jäntti was a victim of too much work. Finally it felt like his soul and spirit had died. The first symptoms were muscular pains. Tuomas had fears and life seemed dark. Sometimes he even felt that he was loosing his mind. Medical doctors could not help him . He was so tired that he could sleep 12 hours without any pills. Sleep was also his way to escape the realities of life. Tuomas tells that a person in anxiety expects an immediate relief, that somebody could miraculously heal him by one prayer. Recovery started when he received from an evangelist the verses “ ….Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life.” (prov. 4:20-23). The next step was meeting with Eljas Lemmetyinen who knew persons with burn out. He offered advice and walking beside Tuomas. The first simple but crucial step was to take Tuomas for walks in forests. Tuomas had done nothing to his physical condition for ten years and at first physical exercise felt really unpleasant. It proved, however, to be the key to recovery, which took three years. In addition to giving strength and endurance walking and jogging relieved also Tuomas’s emotional tensions.


Hellen Dahlman was seriosly overweight. Then she started to pray for it and lost 40 kilograms easily  

Eija Huotari’s achilles tendon became inflamed. When she was anointed with oil it was healed.

Tanja Pelkonen was in a traffic accident and wasplaced in critical condition in an intensive care unit. She was unconscious and had many injuries. The doctors had the opinion that she would not recover but many friends all over the world prayed for her and she recovered completely. When Tanja was pregnant a myoma (a benign tumor consisting of muscle) was found in her uterus in ultrasonic examination. When Pirkko Jalovaara prayed for her  the myoma disappeared and was no more seen in ultrasound. Tanja liked running and would like to run a marathon but she had an old knee injury. Her friend prayed for her when she was practicing and so she finally run the marathon successfully.

Riitta Tuomala’s marriage ended in divorce. After many years, however, the couple became closer again. When Pirkko Jalovaara had prayed for them twice they married again.

Anneli Kekki’s  groin was very seriously swollen. She could barely move. After Pirkko Jalovaara prayed for her the swelling was gone. Earlier she had had numerous cysts in the ovaries as well as  thickening of the mucous membrane ( inner layer) of uterus. These disappeared through her own prayer.


Arvo Lauronen had suffered from cardiac arrhythmias and enlarged prostate which became inflamed frequently. When Pirkko Jalovaara had prayed for him  both deceases were healed.

Kari Hiltunen had suffered for years of severe panic attacks. He had received different medicines and psychotherapy but these had not helped . After Pirkko Jalovaara had prayed for him these attacks disappeared completely.


Anita Pienimäki is a medical doctor who suffered severe exhaustion after graduating from medical school. After receiving Jesus as her personal savior a long road of recovery, healing of inner brokenness and gaining new strength started.